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CMPE 280N Schedule – Spring 2021

CMPE280N: Seminar on Networks Spring 2021: Wednesday, 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm, Zoom March 31 — No meeting April 7 — Chris April 14 — Andrea and Katia April 21 Presentation scheduling Lab issues — resuming work on campus inrg web site April 28 — Experimental Platforms (Andrea, Daniel, Hari, Kerry, Lakshmi, Shesha) Summarize experience/pros/cons (a […]

Publication by Kerry Veenstra et al.

K. Veenstra and K. Obraczka, “Grid Partition: an Efficient Greedy Approach for Outdoor Camera IoT Deployments in 2.5D Terrain”, In Proceedings of International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN 2020), August 2020.

Publication by Danielle L. Ferreira et al.

Danielle L. Ferreira, B. Nunes, Carlos Alberto V. Campos, K. Obraczka, “A Deep Learning Approach for Identifying User Communities Based on Geographical Preferences and Its Applications to Urban and Environmental Planning”, in ACM Trans. Spatial Algorithms Syst., Vol. 1, No. 1, January 2020.

January Re-org-a-thon!

The first week of January, before the first day of classes on January 7, the labs in E2-311 and E2-305 will do some house cleaning and reorganization. Here is a list of items: E-waste any Scorpion equipment that cannot be repurposed. Decide to keep/discard/donate remaining parts and equipment. Shred boxes of old exams (2 years […]

Sam Mansfield presenting at IEEE MASCOTS 2016

Sam Mansfield will be presenting his paper on modeling wireless propagation over terrain, “TerrainLOS: An Outdoor Propagation Model for Realistic Sensor Network Simulation”, at the IEEE MASCOTS 2016 in September.

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