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Pages of the COMMUNITY project have been restored from backups. See

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CMPE 280N Schedule

CMPE280N: Seminar on Networks Spring Quarter, 2018: Thursday, 1:30-3:00 pm, E2-399. April 12 – Li April 19 – Vinicius (E2 475) April 26 – Cancelled (optionally attend Control Theory & Automation Symposium on April 27) May 3 – Attend “Machine learning in oceanography” in E2-599 May 10 – Inria, Silicon Valley. “Mobile phone sensing to the rescue of the […]

Sam Mansfield presenting at IEEE MASCOTS 2016

Sam Mansfield will be presenting his paper on modeling wireless propagation over terrain, “TerrainLOS: An Outdoor Propagation Model for Realistic Sensor Network Simulation”, at the IEEE MASCOTS 2016 in September.

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